Death march Endurance Apparel provides athletes and event directors with custom designed endurance clothing. What makes us unique are our designs, customization process and the ridiculous, affordable cost we can offer.



Lets face it, the shirts you receive at most races are shit.  You train hard, compete in an event and receive a cheap shirt to commemorate your achievement.  Send us your favorite image or design and we’ll make you a shirt worthy of your experience.  Add your distance, event name and a slogan on the back that represents your hard work and training.

Sleeves can be customized too!


Race Directors

You take pride in your event and you should.  You plan it as you would plan your wedding.  You want every racer to have a fun and unique experience.  You meticulously stage your race and want to provide the athletes with a custom shirt to commemorate their event.  Now you can separate your event shirts from the rest that use cheap, lifeless shirts.  Our shirts are made of high quality Cool-Max moisture wicking fabric and we can help you design a shirt worthy of your event that will set your event apart from all the others.  No event is too big or too small.