Running from Rabid Dogs Death March

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Out running solo, about 8 miles in…. the weather was nice it was later in the evening.  I decided not to bring my jacket or any water since it was cool.  Running and enjoying myself until I see a pack of dogs running towards me.  I’m looking around and thinking…. “where the hell are these dogs coming from” ? Are they coming after me?? Glancing around the area, I had to figure out quickly where the hell I could hide.  I’m in a nice neighborhood, houses with huge yards on a small street.  But to get to someone’s house it seemed like it would be a good quarter of a mile run. The dogs were closing fast so I din’t have the time. I need a  solution quick if I did not want to get mauled.  Also some of the houses were gated, so how would I get in anyway?  I turned back and saw some large bushes, the dam dogs were coming my way, I had to think fast.  I jumped into the bushes

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… little did I know there was a very short iron gate behind these bushes.   I remember the jump and the next thing I know, I was flung like a rag doll onto the other side of the gate landing on the ground. It took me a couple of minutes to gain my composure after the fall.  Luckily the dogs ran right by, paying no care to my presence still barking and running…. barking at what…i had no clue.  When flew into the bushes, my hip ended up landing on the top of the gate as my body swung over and I landed on the other side on top of other larger plants and some decorative concrete bricks.  I realized I had injured myself, I slowly climbed back over and checked my injuries… well hell… a piece of skin hanging off my bloody torn knee, my hip really hurts, my foot hurt really bad, my wrist got beat up from the impact of landing and my arm/ part of my elbow was torn up.  I was a bloody dirty mess.

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Already evening and no one around, I was screwed… had to limp back 8 miles with blood running down my legs and my elbow. Every step I took hurt, I could feel the torn skin pulsing…. it was a hell of an experience as a new runner.  What the hell?? This didn’t stop me from running, years later I’m still running.  Just hoping i won’t see another pack of dogs again.





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