A Familial Death March

My son was laying on the side of the trail puking…….. The only reason at the time I attempted a 50k trail race, (not really a race) was my son wanted to do one and we had done a Marathon earlier in the year. We did a 16 week training plan ramping up to a 22 mile long run before tapering. Training went pretty good but it is never like racing. The 50k was the inaugural Lake Hodges 50k. We started at 7am, weather was fair at the start and got up to 90% humidity in the afternoon. First 3 or so miles I felt pretty good. Then around mile 7 my hamstrings started to cramp up. I was telling myself this is going to be a long day. We continued running. About around mile 9 we started the climb up Raptor Ridge, walking and trying to jog. The turnaround at mile 15 was in the San Pasqual Valley. I was dead. I was dreading to myself that we had to run another 15 miles back. I didn’t fuel the first 15 miles. I expect I may have had 16 oz of water with some Heed. Around mile 20 or so my calves were cramping along with my facial muscles. Walking was a problem. We got to the bridge and started back on the single track trail. My son had to lay down on the side of the trail next to the lake. He began to throw up everything. His heaving was so loud it scared the waterfowl off the lake. Runners were stepping over him. I’m saying to myself please get up because there is no way I can carry you. Well we finally got up and about a mile from the finish and we hear a runner coming upon on us. We said no way will he pass us. So we put our arms around each other shoulders and hop , skipped, jumped and kinda motioned to the finish beating that runner. Well we were under the cutoff of 8 hours and actually finished ahead of 4 runners. I lost 12 pounds of sweat and only had 16 oz of water for the entire 50k. To say the least it won’t be my last 50k. I like punishment…

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