Become a Brand Ambassador

If you are an endurance athlete and would like to become a brand ambassador we need you!  You don’t have to be elite but you have to be passionate about your sport.  Running, Triathlon, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Obstacle Racers, Cross Fit Athletes and Adventure Racers are all part of the Death March Endurance family.

We can also make unique and one of a kind shirts for your club

All we ask is that you share your experience with our apparel with your friends and with the event coordinators whose contests you compete in.  If an event coordinator that you “persuade” switches to our custom shirts for their next event your next entry is on us!




It’s easy just follow these steps:

Ask us for a sample

At your race give the race director the sample and ask if it is OK for us to follow up with him/her

Give us their contact info.

We do the rest.  If they place an order we will buy you a race entry to that race or a comparable event.